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Chapter: Maharashtra 


A development initiative of Vijnana Bharati to form the largest people’s movement of science oriented social organizations and institutions for Nation building through “scientific interventions in social actions for Transforming India”.

Vibha Vani was constituted as a National Network of voluntary developmental Organizations in the first NGO Conclave conducted during India International Science Festival -IISF-2016.


Shanti Bhatia Niwas Jounaji Road Shakti Nager Solan Pin code 173212

Become a Member/ Associate

Become part and parcel of VibhaVani India society, the national consortium of developmental organisations and institutions engaged in societal development and nation building.

Chapter Members

Apply for Accreditation & Certification

  • Vibha Vani India engaged in the capacity building and facilitation of voluntary developmental organisation is providing Accreditation, Validation and Certification of grassroots developmental organisations and academic and research institutions engaged in societal development.
  • Validation, Profiling, Accreditation and Certification will enable the organisations to present their activities in a scientific manner and position themselves as a resource centre for developmental activities through scientific interventions depicting their strength, achievements and capabilities.
  • Process includes validation, on sight inspection by experts, verification, appraisal etc by leading institutions like VNIT. This will help in presenting the organisation in a better profile with credibility before the funding agencies and government initiatives.
  • VibhaVani shall communicate to various CSR and Govt institutions regarding the Accreditation and banding support shall be provided.
  • Each stages in the certification process shall be informed and recommendation for improvement shall be intimated from time to time.
  • Those who intend to undergo the accreditation process can fill up the Score card and submit.
  • The various stages and conditions shall be informed directly. There is no charges for registration & profile generation.
  • Final Accreditation certificate incurs processing fee.

Donation Campaigns

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Proffessional volunteer

Volunteer your time for a cause at your convenience.


Student Volunteer

Volunteer your time for a cause at your convenience.



Your contribution will help us to serve people in need.


Log Service Hours

Volunteers can log their volunteer service hours.



Thematic Areas

Sustainable Agriculture,
Natural Resource Mgmt,
Environment & Climate

Technology and

Woman, Child and
Youth Development

Education, Literacy
and Counseling

Skill, Entrepreneurship
and Livelihood

Water, Sanitation
and Waste

Health & Hygiene,

Financial inclusion

Submit Reports of Your Work/Activities

Vibha Vani India, An Independent national consortium of developmental organizations initiated and inspired by Vijnana Bharati. Thank you in advance for improving our community with your invaluable reports!

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