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IISF 2023


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Sri N P Rajive

Executive Director, VibhaVani India 

IISF-NSOIM Dates: 17 to 19 January 2024

Venue: DBT-THSTI - RCB Campus, Faridabad, Haryana


Department of Science and Technology

  1. Dr Konga Gopikrishna; Mobile: 8860242402; Email:

National Innovation Foundation (NIF) – India

  1. Dr. Vipin Kumar, Mobile: 9825316994 Email:
  2. Mr. BhaveshEkbote, Mobile: 9099952494 Email:

Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA)

  1. Shri NP Rajive; Mobile: 9020336500; Email:
  2. Dr. Bhalchandra G Sathaye; Mobile: 94224 06785; Email:
  3. Dr. Roshan Lal; Mobile: 9417882789; Email:

India International Science Festival

India International Science Festival (IISF) is an initiative of Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Science of Government of India in association with Vijnana Bharati which is a science movement with Swadeshi spirit lead by eminent scientists of the country. The main purpose of IISF is the celebration of science by all. Engagement of common people with science in a joyful and entertaining manner is essential for the healthy, prosperous and meaningful life. Through its creative programs and activities, IISF provides opportunities to people and scientific fraternity in the country and abroad to come together, work together and experience the joy of doing science for the well-being of India and humanity.


  • IISF 2015-IIT Delhi
  • IISF 2016-CSIR-NPL, Delhi
  • IISF 2017-IIT Madras, Chennai
  • IISF 2018-IGP, Lucknow
  • IISF 2019-Science City, Kolkata
  • IISF 2020-CSIR-NISTADS (virtual platform)
  • IISF 2021-NCPOR, GOA
  • IISF 2022- MANIT,Bhopal
  • IISF 2023- DBT-THSTI - RCB Campus, Faridabad, Haryana


National Social Organizations and Institutions Meet (NSOIM), one of the prominent events in IISF, has been a national platform for bringing together all the stakeholders of societal development through Science and Technologies that help in solving societal issues. The event gives an opportunity for the social and scientific community to exchange their ideas for livelihood-centric development, showcasing grassroots models having scope for social diffusion and commercialization from various scientific & research institutions that can lead to a self-reliant India.

Participants from Science & Technology (S&T) based Social Organizations, Societal Research & Academic institutions and Entrepreneurs engaged in societal development will be invited to discuss scientific interventions and sustainable models for societal development and nation-building. The central theme for NSOIM-2023 is 'Technological Innovations for Grassroots Development' encompassing sub-themes like Grassroots Innovations for Livelihood Generation, Addressing Emerging Societal Challenges, Water and Environment Conservation, Food and Nutrition Solutions, and Livelihood- Centric S&T Systems for Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation

Team VibhaVani India

Dear Participant,

Namaskar from NSOIM Team,

Hope you are all set  to attend IISF- NSOIM. Kindly go through the following:



NCR Biotech Science Cluster 3rd Milestone, Faridabad- Gurugram Expressway,

Faridabad - 121001 Haryana (NCR Delhi), India

Visit : For details on IISF-NSOIM

Guidelines for Participants of NSOIM 2023

 Few key points to keep in mind while Participating in NSOIM 2023.

The Participants are requested to complete their registration and attain their ID cards from the registration desk at NSOIM before lunchtime on the first day 17th 01 2024, as lunch and dinner are made available to participants with registered RFID ID cards.

You will get shared accommodation maximum to an extent from the 16th afternoon till the 21st Afternoon of January 2024 in Faridabad, Haryana, as per you have informed while registration and subsequently submitting the Google form in this regard. Details about  locations of the accommodation and venue shall be shared soon.

On submitting travel documents and claim forms, travel expenses up to 3rd AC shall be refunded subject to the approval of the IISF secretariat.

You will not be eligible for any local conveyance expenses.

Documents required for Travel refund and registration:

1.     Copy of Tickets.

2.     Copy of Aadhar.

3.     Copy of PAN.

4.     Copy of passbook front page.

5.     Cancelled cheque leaf.

Kindly fill out the TA form attached with the above-mentioned details and submit it to ensure the smooth processing of TA forms.

Click Here for TA Bill

Participants coming by flight need to provide a copy of their tickets and boarding pass to be eligible for reimbursement of the 3rd AC fare.

TA will be provided based on attendance on all 3 days.

*If you desire to put up your activities in posters at the event venue you have to prepare them, Those who registered on the Google form for stalls will be allowed to display your products in NSOIM stalls at the IISF expo the registered organization/Institution will be confirmed by mail. size of the poster- 4ftx 2 ft , maximum 5 posters per organisation.

*The participants are expected to reach the accommodation place on their own and will be provided busses for traveling between the place of accommodation and venue.

*No transportation will be provided from the place of accommodation to the railway or Airport for the Participants

*Breakfast will be provided at the place of accommodation from the 17th onwards till the 20th.

*No food bills during the stay at the accommodation will be accepted for reimbursement.

*Lunch and Dinner will be provided at the NSOIM event area on the days of the Program.

 *Please find attached the Program guide for IISF 2023, The NSOIM 2023 program schedule is on page 38.

* Those who desire to present their grassroots development model are required to submit in the prescribed format informed. Kindly refer to the template given in the registration window and subsequent mail sent for improvement against each of the model submitted.

* Confirmation to exhibitors on NSOIM stalls shall be communicated separately based on the selection as per the information submitted. Those who haven't submitted product information and it's features, details of organization, exhibitor details are required to furnish it asap. For further details contact Shri. Akshay Sini 

*  Contact details of the coordinators of NSOIM event organising committee shall be shared soon.

Expecting your active participation at NSOIM 2023 and to make this event a great success.

Akshay Sini: 9811435409/  81298 91416;  Rajeesh P: 9846211169/83010 48516(Whatsapp)


Team NSOIM 2023.


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Valedictory Function



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