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Now we are supporting 200 families by providing basic provisions and reusable cloth masks in association with Samanvaya, Bangalore. We could support few farmers of Kolar by buying vegetable kits directly from them and distributing in Bangalore City.

We thank all our patrons, especially shri Babu Naidu and volunteers of Samanvaya for supporting us and reaching more underprivileged people during this hardship and lockdown situation. If all of us work together we can reduce the hardships of common people around us. We will be coordinating with more individuals & Organisations to reach more and more struggling communities.

Fight against COVID by Vibhavani associates in various states. Reaching out to needy in rural areas and providing Hygiene kits, Food grains, blood donation etc and sensitising the public about COVID -19 health protocol. Lot more can be done once lockdown is lifted.

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Vibha Vani India, An Independent national consortium of developmental organizations initiated and inspired by Vijnana Bharati. Thank you in advance for improving our community with your invaluable feedback!

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