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About VibhaVani

A consortium of grassroots developmental organisations , educational and research institutions, social scientist &workers and social entrepreneurs is an initiative of Vijnana Bharati. It is envisaged to develop into the largest people’s movement of science oriented social organizations and institutions for Nation building, through “scientific interventions in social actions for Transforming India.


  • To develop a national consortium of grassroots Voluntary Developmental organizations & Institutions and form the largest People's movement of science oriented social organizations and Institutions for Nation building, by engaging Science and technology interventions to the benefit of masses.

  • To become an effective change agent to meet the contemporary challenges of transforming the nation in a constructive way by bringing together all the stake holders in nation building through inclusive development and strive to make our nation powerful and glorious- Vaibhav Bharath


  • To provide an effective leadership and form a network of two thousand Science oriented social organizations, educational and research Institutions within Two years, by focusing in the area of Capacity building & Knowledge sharing, Project facilitation & Handholding support, Policy interventions & Advocacy, Institutional collaboration and convergence .
  • Provide competent expertise and assistance to the upcoming and developing organizations, to enable them to take up a greater role in transforming the society. Thus increase the Pace and Scale of activities through the Synergy of ‘Coming together, Thinking together and Working together’.
  • Undertake policy Interventions with Government and develop strategies for institutional partnership with the research organizations& CSR foundations through Joint Campaigns and by executing developmental SMART- Projects to achieve the objectives.
  • Key Institutional associates in various grassroots developmental activities:
    1. ICAR-IARI- Indian Agriculture Research Institute
    2. National Innovation Foundation ,Vijnan Prasar, & various institutes under DST like SEED division, NISCAIR, NECTAR etc
    3. CSIR Institutes
    4. Vijnan Bharathi, AFARM, Vibhavari, SNEHA etc

Our Journey

In order to ensure that the fruits of science & technology reaches out to the masses, first ‘NGO Conclave’ was conducted along with the IISF-2016 in NPL, New Delhi , Organised by Ministry of Science & Technology. As an outcome of the conclave, it was envisaged that a national network of the science oriented social organisations and institutions need to be formed as a development initiative of Vijnan Bharathi ( Vijnan Bharathi, largest science movement with over 25 years of track record) . It lead to the formation of a network of Voluntary organisations working in the field of science & societal development under the Banner of VibhaVani.

After working for more than three years as an informal network , it was registered as a Society named as Vibha Vani India Society - expanded to Vibha -Vaibhav Association of Nation Building Organisations and Institutions India (Vibha- Vani) ), national consortium of Nation Building Organisations (NBOs) comprising of grassroots developmental organization, research and academic Institutions, Social scientists and workers, Social entrepreneurs.

VibhaVani India Head office is situated in New Delhi ( Vijnan Bharathi, A-4, Gulmohar Park, August kranti Marg, New Delhi) and registered office in Bangalore(Gurukripa, T-4, Krishna Sai Homes, 2 nd Cross, R.R Layout, B. Narayanpura, Dooravani Nagar, K.R.Puram, Bangalore) .

Society Registration number: DRB3/SOR/779/2018-19. (NITIAAYOG DARPAN ID: KA/20190237117)

Aims & Objectives

To create at least One thousand Integrated Sustainable community development Models across the nation by 2022 by transforming at least thousand voluntary developmental organizations into Nation Building Organizations (NBOs). Empower and enable the vast network of science oriented social Organizations & Institutions working across the nation through Knowledge sharing and Capacity building to achieve sustainable development goals.

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