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Jal Samwad

To understand the Value of invaluable and priceless Water there is need of Water literacy. Literacy comes through proper education. Especially when it comes to Understanding, Managing and Using water resources, education becomes far more important.

What Should We Do?

  • The work being done by the government will not be enough to ensure adequate water supply. It is essential to give it the form of a ‘people's movement’ to the work of saving water under the leadership of the community.

  • For this, we will have to communicate directly with the members of society at the village level.

  • The concept of self-reliant India of our illustrious Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is also in the perspective of our natural resources. We should also do the work of saving water keeping this concept in mind.


  • In the first phase, 20,000 villages in about 400 districts of 10 states will be exposed to water conservation, re-use of gray water and judicious use of water by preventing wastage through ‘Jal Samvaad’ programme.

  • To reach out and to get acquainted with scientific techniques.

How To Do This

  • Representatives from Vigyan Bharati and five each from voluntary social organization will be selected as Master trainers for the water literacy programme. Everyone will be introduced to the scientific concepts and techniques of water conservation and gray water management in the two-day training.

  • This training can be organized at the state level.

  • Selected representatives will visit five villages each in their area of work.

  • They will hold a meeting with the prominent people of these selected villages and decide the time and duration of the Jal Samvaad’ programme.

  • Representatives of NGOs, knowledge institutions, researchers and campaigners on water related activities interested to become master trainers are required to register.


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