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Sukritham Girls Home is a Child Care Institution run by Sukritham Charitable Trust for the upliftment and empowerment of girls from destitute families. The Organisation was founded by Mahadev Prasad and his friends in the year 2006. This facility is located at Calicut in the state of Kerala.

The girls are aged between 6 and 19 and are from families where the conditions for their living and education are not satisfactory. Our vision is to provide early intervention to empower these girls through holistic development (which includes accommodation, food, education, medical needs, psychological support and opportunities for developing their other talents and soft skills) and to find a lively hood of their own. With this in view we have enrolled them in good schools in the city and all efforts are being made to encourage their talents in music, dance, sports and other hobbies.

Our children have a traumatic background. They are from broken families; abandoned largely by alcoholic parents and have either witnessed or experienced neglected childhood/ domestic violence physical abuses. Early childhood trauma has made them more vulnerable and they are at increased risk for a number of emotional and psychological disturbances including learning problems, problems relating to peers, conduct disorders etc....

As these factors are associated with long term consequences, we give utmost importance in enabling our children to cope with these emotional challenges. A team of mental health practitioners support and guide us in these areas. Children live as if they are in an extended family than an institutional one. Daily routine is in place, which helps them to coordinate their daily activities with ease. Yoga for health, mental wellbeing and inner transformation are practiced on a daily basis. Trained care givers are appointed to impart unconditional love and care and they also act as mentors to ensure the overall wellbeing of the child. Group therapy sessions for adolescent and art and play therapy sessions for young girls are conducted. Children are encouraged to use personal meeting sessions to open up to their mentors. Pets are provided for relaxation and emotional ventilation. Children are given opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities like sports, craft, art and fine arts to display and nurture their talents. Volunteering and letter exchange programs are encouraged to provide more exposure on various cultures on National and International levels. Girls are given good education and are encouraged to dream about their future and to stand on their own. We also give them training in human values, social responsibilities, nature preservation etc in order to develop them into socially responsible citizens.

At Home

Everything at Sukritham Girls Home is truly dedicated to the wellbeing of the inmates. Here we respect the value and personality of every single child, irrespective of her age, skills or education. The residents, staff and volunteers live as an extended family. This is not an adoption centre, instead a home for those who miss one. We strive to provide all sorts of opportunities to the girls to grow as universal citizen.

Location and Status

Sukritham Girls Home is located at Sukritham Gardens, a lush green hilly campus. Sukritham is a registered NBO (Nation Building Organization), Non-religious and Non-Profit Social Service Organization, devoted to taking care of abandoned or underprivileged girls with little hope for a decent future or a life in dignity. We work closely to different other Social Service Organizations as well.

Our Dream

To have all necessary amenities where every deprived girl can grow happily and fearlessly, get educated, empowered and strengthen their personalities. We dream every neglected girl to be safe, and are committed to provide as much facilities as we can in order to ensure not a single girl is left out of the path of the care and nourishment that she deserves.|



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