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Policy Interventions & Advocacy


  • Intervene in various policy matters right from panchayath to state and central ; represent as a consortium of nation building organisations and take up the role of bridging gap between the policy makers, government, people’s representatives and public.
  • Highlight the sector wise issues that warrants the attention of government machinery and timely interventions to solve public issues and accelerate the societal development.
  • Appropriate scientific and technology interventions to upscale and replicate the success story and reduce the learning curve of entities involved in the societal change.
  • Initiate signature, opinion campaigns to advocate the social cause and enable public opinion that effects the stake holders of social transformation and public at large

Thematic Areas

Sustainable Agriculture,
Natural Resource Mgmt,
Environment & Climate

Technology and

Integrated Community

Woman, Child and
Youth Development

Education, Literacy
and Counseling

Advocacy  &
Policy interventions

Skill, Entrepreneurship
and Livelihood

Digital interventions

Water, Sanitation
and Waste

Health & Hygiene,

Financial inclusion

Disaster Management
Road safety

Participate in Survey

Vibha Vani India, An Independent national consortium of developmental organizations initiated and inspired by Vijnana Bharati. Thank you in advance for improving our community with your invaluable feedback!

This survey should take 5 minutes or less to complete.

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