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Financial Literacy

  • 15 Jun 2020 12:32 PM
    Message # 9037633
    Vibhavani (Administrator)

    Financial literacy also involves the proficiency of financial principles and concepts, such as financial planning, compound interest, managing debt, profitable savings techniques, and the time value of money. The lack of financial literacy may lead to making poor financial choices that can have negative consequences on the financial well-being of an individual. Consequently, the federal government created the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which provides resources for people who want to learn more about financial literacy.

    The main steps to achieving financial literacy include learning the skills to create a budget, the ability to track spending, learning the techniques to pay off debt, and effectively planning for retirement. These steps can also include counseling from a financial expert. Education about the topic involves understanding how money works, creating and achieving financial goals, and managing internal and external financial challenges.

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