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About Vibhavani

A  national consortium of grassroots developmental organizations , educational and research institutions, social scientist &workers and social entrepreneurs is an initiative of Vijnana Bharati. It is envisaged to develop into the largest people’s movement of science oriented social organizations and institutions for Nation building, through “scientific interventions in social actions for Transforming India”.

Our Journey - In order to ensure that the fruits of science & technology reaches out to the masses, first ‘NGO Conclave’ was conducted along with the IISF-2016 in NPL, New Delhi , Organised by Ministry of Science & Technology. As an outcome of the conclave, it was envisaged that a national network of the science oriented social organisations and institutions shall be formed with the initiative of Vijnan Bharathi ( Vijnan Bharathi, largest science movement with over 25 years of track record) under the banner VibhaVani

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Our key Achievements

Training & Capacity building of Social organisations
  • 6 zonal ,14 state level and 12 Regional workshop for Capacity building of Science oriented voluntary developmental organisations.
  • Altogether 1270 grassroots voluntary organisations participated from across the nation and has become associates of VibhaVani in it’s effort to provide transformational leadership in the socio-economic developmental sector
  • Published Navonmesh- Hand book for Nation building Organisations
  • Identified 12 developmental themes and Vision -2022
  • Digital initiatives and collaboration with National institutions

Thematic Areas

Sustainable Agriculture,
Natural Resource Mgmt,
Environment & Climate

Technology and

Integrated Community

Woman, Child and
Youth Development

Education, Literacy
and Counseling

Advocacy  &
Policy interventions

Skill, Entrepreneurship
and Livelihood

Water, Sanitation
and Waste

Digital interventions

Health & Hygiene,

Financial inclusion

Disaster Management
Road safety

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Nation Building Organization

Become part and parcel of VibhaVani India society, the national consortium of developmental organisations and institutions engaged in societal development and nation building.

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  • Members are entitled for priority and special discounts on various Handholding supports through the portal.
  • Members can be authorized to officially to represent VibhaVani in various forums,

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  • Not an official representatives of VibhaVani, but are entitled for various fee based services offered by the knowledge portal.
  • Take part in various events and activities according to their choice and preference.

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